New on Hawaii

Here's a peek at some new fun stuff to do on the islands

If slathering on another layer of sunscreen is as active as you plan to get on your next Hawaiian vacation, turn the page. But maybe you want to fly through the jungle on a zip line or shoot down a new resort's 200-foot lava-tube waterslide. How about witnessing the seasonal migration of 8,000 seabirds to their island rookery? Or, with your kids, exploring a garden that's just for them? Okay, so maybe you simply want to leave the beach for an afternoon to get a taste of Hawaii's history, old and new. Whatever floats your canoe, we've got you covered. Here's a peek at some new fun stuff to do on the islands. ― Harriot Manley


See vanilla vines tangle near chocolate trees. The children's garden at Na'Aina Kai Botanical Gardens is scheduled to open this month. Reservations required; from $25. Kilauea; or 808/828-0525.


Thousands of wedge-tail shearwaters nest at 12-acre Mokuauia Island. Malaekahana Bay State Recreation Area, 1 mile north of La'ie; or 808/587-0320.

Zip lines

Soar on a zip-line course down the side of Haleakala. Four of the heavy-duty cables take you up to 125 feet above the forest. On terra firma, guides share details on native plants and animals. $69. Kula; or 808/878-8400.

Surfing museum

The surfboards, film clips, and beach-party memorabilia of the International Surfing Hall of Fame now have a permanent home on Kalapaki Bay. $10, ages 12 and under free with an adult. Lihue; 808/632-2270.

Art tours

Shangri La, heiress Doris Duke's spectacular waterfront estate near Diamond Head, offers tours of its Islamic art treasures through Honolulu Academy of Arts. Reservations required; from $25.,, or 866/385-3849.

Manta rays

The Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort & Spa opens in October. From the lounge, spot manta rays in the sea. Rooms from $320. Kailua-Kona; or 808/322-3411.

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