Featured Musical Acts

Celebration Weekend is proud to present the following acts on the main music stage.

Saturday, June 6
10:00 am     Hawaiian Artists
11:30 am     Tip of the Top
1:00 pm       Jeffrey Halford and the Healers
3:30 pm       The California Honeydrops

Sunday, June 7
10:00 am    Hawaiian Artists
11:30 am    Blue Bone Express
1:00 pm      The Mighty Slim Pickins
3:30 pm      LeRoy Bell

Music Stage booked by Bruce Labadie Productions.

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  • Bluebone Express

    Blue Bone Express

    Playing a type of jazz rarely heard beyond the Mississippi Delta, BBE incorporates the traditional sounds of Mardi Gras, New Orleans funerals, and barrelhouse brothels. The configuration of tuba, brass, drums, and piano excites onlookers who enjoy a healthy mix of original songs and gems of recent past. 

  • The California Honeydrops

    The California Honeydrops

    Crossing multiple R&B genres, TCH’s sound is tied together by unique instrumentation, soulful vocal harmonies, and a funky, good-times New Orleans style. Look for unusual instruments, such as a washboard and gutbucket bass, and enjoy down-home rhythms punctuated by joyous blasts of trumpet, rollicking piano riffs, and passionate bluesy vocals.

  • Jeffrey Halford

    Jeffrey Halford

    San Francisco singer/songwriter/guitarist Jeffrey Halford was born in Dallas, Texas, and grew up in the early 1960s listening to Roger Miller on a $2 transistor radio. His original roots rock ‘n roll songs etch a uniquely American, and specifically California, landscape.

  • LeRoy Bell

    LeRoy Bell

    Singer/songwriter LeRoy Bell has an earthy, soulful voice that has enabled him to perform with notable artists ranging from B.B. King to Kenny Loggins. His background as drummer and guitar player add a unique layer of depth to his performance, and help provide the constant background of passion and soul for his music.

  • The Mighty Slim Pickins

    The Mighty Slim Pickins

    Based in San Francisco, TMSP bring a healthy dose of power chords and a dash of musical theater to the stage. Blending vintage country, rockabilly and punk, this all-female outfit is a little bit heartache, and a whole lotta camp. They put on a heart-pounding, knee-slapping show and always look fantastic!

  • Tip of the Top

    Tip of the Top

    A combination of veteran musicians and two newcomers allow this band to mix together country, rhythm and blues, bluegrass and all styles of blues into a sound that is a throw back to the 1950's and the music scene of the greater Memphis area.


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