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These dog toys and accessories are as good-looking as they are functional

Dog products
Photo: E. Spencer Toy

Several years ago, after furnishing her San Francisco loft with hip, modern furniture, Diana Flynn bought some "not-so-attractive" dog toys. "The old dog toys looked lackluster next to my stylish new furniture," she explains.

So she founded Otis and Claude and started a new trend: companies offering great-looking, functional dog products ― from toys and dog beds to bowls and feeding mats.

 Alpha Dog, a store in Mill Valley, California, has dozens of fabrics to choose from for its dog beds. It will even have a bed custom-made to match your favorite chair.

Alpha Dog also sells Bodhi Toys ― which include such exotic chew forms as lotus buds and sections of bamboo.

Not only are the toys durable, "but you don't mind seeing them on the floor ― as compared to the average latex pig," explains Alpha Dog owner Kelly Scott.

With dog products that look this good, you may just have to spruce up your furniture.


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  • Dog bowl

    Bowl (from $9.50) from George.

  • Dog ball

    Flower ball ($10) from Bodhi Toys.

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