Stylish plant arrangements

Decorating your house for the holidays is as easy as foraging in your own backyard

plant wreath

Photo by Thomas J. Story

Bits & bits wreath

This wreath is made from “bits and bits” of items picked up while walking after a big storm. Pine, fir, rosemary, magnolia leaves, succulents, and berries are wrapped into the wreath.

Tip: Supplement the wreath with items found at a floral market, then follow our complete wreath-making directions.

driftwood arrangement

Photo by Thomas J. Story

Driftwood arrangement

Use a piece of found driftwood as a rustic backdrop to moss, small evergreens, and succulents.

Tip: Fill crevices in the driftwood with enough soil to anchor your plant tableau firmly.

woodsy decorations

Photo by Thomas J. Story

Woodsy tabletop

In a season that’s often predictable, mix it up with a rosemary-nest place setting and ​a centerpiece of forest finds (take care with wild mushrooms; many are poisonous). ​

Tip: Rosemary stalks should be long and tender enough to curve into a bowl shape. Add kumquats for a splash of color.

"tree" planting arrangement

Photo by Thomas J. Story

Foraged "tree"

Instead of decking the halls with boughs, use felled branches to make your own right-size tree. Buy a piece of cone-shaped floral foam and insert branches. Once the tree looks full enough, add succulents, berries, and leaves. Ornaments not needed. ​

Tip: Water greens daily to keep them look­-ing fresh. A good source for foam cones is ​

crate planter

Photo by Thomas J. Story

Crate planter

Recycle a wooden crate into a front-porch planter box; for a statement, use plants of differing heights. This arrangement includes fruiting citrus, lavender, rosemary, and large and small succulents.

Tip: Before planting, arrange plants still in their pots to see if the symmetry works.

guide to foraged plants

Photo by Thomas J. Story

Plants to forage for a DIY arrangement

Shown at left:

  1. lavender
  2. wild mushroom
  3. magnolia leaf
  4. kumquat
  5. echeveria
  6. birch twig
  7. pine
  8. berzelia
  9. berzelia
  10. sequoia
  11. juniper
  12. rosemary
  13. echeveria
  14. juniper
  15. privet

foraged clippings

Photo by Thomas J. Story

More foraged plants to use

12 other items we love to forage:

  • bamboo
  • berries (try coffeeberry or Pyracantha)
  • cactus
  • chestnuts
  • cotoneaster
  • dried chile peppers
  • eucalyptus
  • heather
  • manzanita branches
  • pinecones
  • rose hips (from unpruned rosebushes)
  • seed tassels from grasses like Miscanthus or Pennisetum

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