10 inviting outdoor nap spots

Create your own curl-up space on a patio, deck, or private cabana

Backyard teahouse

Photo by Thomas J. Story

Peaceout in your own teahouse

Go basic teahouse, or add bling with extras like bamboo blinds.

Bolt together a California-made Douglas fir sanctuary, then veg out. The redwood deck measures 6 ft. by 10 ft. East-West TeaHouse with Kotatsu Table, $2,075.

Orange hammock

Photo by Thomas J. Story

Eco-friendly hammock

Tropical perch: There may be cheaper hammocks out there in the world, but this one keeps old seat belts from going into a landfill. Hey, maybe it’s a safer swing. Available in six colors. $744; branchhome.com

Sampan daybed

Escape via daybed

Travelers' escape: Sail away in this daybed, whose shape is inspired by a Chinese boat.

Yes, this daybed is pricey, but it’s completely weatherproof and sleeps two. Plus, a trip to China for a ride in a real sampan would cost more. Sampan Outdoor Wicker Day Bed, $7,995; homeinfatuation.com

Hang a swing

Art Gray

Hang a swing

A few changes were all that was needed to convert Nancy Knupfer's covered front porch from a rarely used space to the frequented retreat pictured.

New slate flooring, a thin veil of papyrus in front for privacy, and potted bamboo and ferns for a cool green fringe surround an old-fashioned porch swing.

Design: Susan Taylor, Paradise Gardens Landscape Design, Los Angeles (310/397-0881)


Unroll a futon

Thomas J. Story

Unroll a futon

The redwood sleeping platform pictured at left was built by a contractor. But owners Tom Nelson and Randy Bolin provided the details that make the retreat in their Oakland, California, backyard look like it's straight out of Bali.

They gave a futon a burst of color with fabric and pillows from an import store. The Indonesian wooden friezes, temple guardians from an import store, and batik wall hanging complete the look.


Soften a bench

Claire Curran

Soften a bench

A teak bench at one end of the covered porch is a cozy curl-up space, thanks to a soft foam pad covered with Sunbrella fabric. The bench is 6 feet long ― comfortable enough to accommodate almost anyone "from tip to toe," says owner/garden designer Brenda Gousha. The pillows in the center are encased in a vintage floral blend that echoes the hues of the fresh-picked 'Eden' roses nearby. A sea-grass mat covers the deck. Red bougainvillea grows on the lath behind.

Design: Brenda Gousha, Sisters Garden Room, Escondido, CA (866/423-8100)


Move a bed

Steven Gunther

Move a bed

The Filipino antique bed that garden designer Mayita Dinos chose for the deck of her Culver City, California, home is larger than a cot but smaller than a conventional bed.

In other words, perfect for one ― along with Dinos's terrier, Rusty, of course. The bed's mattress is covered in weatherproof Sunbrella fabric. Pillows, quilts, and blankets add coziness as well as warmth.


Design an outdoor lounge

Thomas J. Story

Outdoor lounge

Built of Mangaris ― a dark, eco-friendly hardwood also known as red balau ― a new deck spans the living room, kitchen, and master bedroom of this Hollywood Hills home, expanding the usable outdoor space from 120 square feet to almost 900.

Triple and quadruple sliding glass doors on two sides of the living room bring in the view and create an easy transition between indoors and out.

Buy a daybed

E. Spencer Toy

Buy a daybed

This showstopping daybed by The Sweetwater Cabana is a posh shaded oasis of pillows (Beach House Style) for afternoon lolling.


Tropical patio

Thomas J. Story

Tropical glam

A comfy lounge chair big sits amid tropical splendor in this jungle-inspired California garden.

A patio needs places "where the eye can stop, rest, and be delighted," landscape designer Davis Dalbok says. 

More about his patio

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