DIY wedding guide

Fun and budget-friendly ideas for DIY favors, invitations, flowers—and yes, cake, too

Elegant handmade wedding invitations

Making these contemporary layered or wrapped cards is inexpensive and fun

How to make wedding invitations
Photo by Christina Schmidhofer

Wedding invitation No. 1: The layered look

3. On the cutting mat, with the metal ruler as a guide, use the craft knife to cut out text by trimming vellum into two 4½- by 6¼-inch pieces.

4. Center the vellum on the card, then use the hole punch to create one hole at the top and one at the bottom.

5. Push an eyelet through the top hole, then turn the card over. Put the setting tool into the back of the eyelet and tap lightly with hammer to secure (three taps should be sufficient). Repeat this step at bottom of card.

6. Slip your layered cards into 4¾- by 6½-inch envelopes (about $15 for 50).


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