Fall decorating ideas

Enjoy fall's beautiful colors and natural wonders with creative decorations for your home

Make mini forests for your table

Create nature-inspired centerpieces with twigs, leaves and candles  

Christina Schmidhofer

Build a tablescape

Start with slender but sturdy dried plant material from your garden or a craft or florists' supply store.

1. Select your base: a piece of plywood or wood, or a slate or terra-cotta floor tile.
2. Lay out a geometric hole pattern around the candle(s). For safety, ensure that nothing is too close to the flame.
3. Use an electric drill with a wood or masonry bit that is slightly smaller than the stems' diameter.
4. If holes are too small, whittle stems with a craft knife. Glue in place if desired.
5. Position candle(s); votives should be in glass surrounds, but larger candles can sit directly on base. Use long-necked gas igniters to light.

Here, tiny holes drilled into a slate tile make snug footings for 30-inch twigs.


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