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These visionary designers and craftsmen are bringing an indie spirit to mainstream design

The made-in-the-U.S.A. champions
Photo by Thomas J. Story; written by Jess Chamberlain

The made-in-the-U.S.A. champions

Made Collection is a flash-sale site with heart, the first of its kind to sell products exclusively manufactured in the United States. For Dave Schiff, John Kieselhorst, and Scott Prindle--the former ad execs behind it--the site has a higher purpose too: to show that American-made products are every bit as good as imported ones, and to help boost the economy and jobs by connecting crafters and makers with American manufacturers.

“In our old jobs, we’d spent our careers convincing people to buy things,” says creative director Dave Schiff. “Not to sound too idealistic, but we thought, What if we could use those skills to benefit the community in general?”

The site highlights 15 products every week at discounted prices, telling you where each one was made and how many people the company employs. With every purchase, you get “boom points”—pegged to the concept that every dollar you spend on U.S.-made goods sparks another $1.40 in economic growth—which can be used for deals down the line. Call it the ultimate retail therapy. madecollection.com

Highlights from Made Collections past flash sales include composition notebooks by Scout Books (pictured; $10 each; 11 employees; 140 boom points); KnappSacks by Buck Products ($120; 3 employees; 1,680 boom points); guitar strap by Riversong Leather Studio ($118; 1 employee; 1,652 boom points); barber products by Imperial (from $10; 4 employees; 280 boom points); and guerilla gardening slingshot kit by Greenaid ($15; 4 employees; 210 boom points).


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