Santa Monica, California

Claudio Santini
Modern dollhouse

Merit Award: Remodel

This two-story rear addition to a 1950s house includes a master suite over a printing studio that opens to a new pool patio.

Why it won: The clarity of the design - continuing the modern post-and-beam architecture of the original house in a subtle way - makes for an almost seamless addition. Yet there are understated differences between old and new, as in the glass corner of the master bedroom; the 5-foot cantilever over the lower floor that shades the patio; and the 18-foot-long wall of sliding glass doors that opens the entire studio to the pool patio, a great feature for parties. The design caused minimal intrusion into the existing structure so the family could remain at home during construction.

Design: Michael W. Folonis and Associates, Santa Monica (310/450-4011)

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