A house for all ages

A young family bucks tradition to personalize their home with new materials, natural light, and kid-friendly details

Breakfast area

The kitchen contains a bright breakfast area beside the back staircase. A wall of translucent glass cabinets keeps the space as open as possible.

Thomas J. Story

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Glass room divider
Tub partitions

Materials throughout this house were chosen carefully to maximize light, durability, and ease of cleaning.

Mark and Carol Lerdal's lifestyle didn't match their surroundings. A couple with four active kids, an interest in energy conservation, and a love for all things modern, including art photography and furniture, they lived in a traditional San Francisco Edwardian ― dark, with small, confined rooms.

So they decided to give their house an extreme makeover.

"The Lerdals wanted an open, fluid space that would bring in more light," says architect Byron Kuth. "We also wanted to create living and play areas that were better integrated."

At its heart, the Lerdal residence is now a family home. Although the rooms are sophisticated, their multifunctional materials and uses make them suited for kids and adults.

A long, terrazzo-floored gallery runs the length of the house, bringing in light through large windows and glass doors at both ends.

Its walls are lined with Carol's extensive collection of contemporary color photography, making it function as an art display.

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