Create a waterfall garden in 6 steps

How to make your own water feature in the garden

Create a waterfall garden in 6 steps

Our pond measures 13 feet by 6 feet. Skimmer filter sits on an angle at lower left (in plan below); waterfall is at the opposite end. Pebbly beach is perfect for wading birds.

Thomas J. Story

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To show us the fine points of installing a waterfall using a kit (from Aquascape Designs), Sunset test garden coordinator Bud Stuckey worked with experts to build one at our headquarters in Menlo Park.

The water garden took our five-person crew eight hours to install. A pond this size would cost about $8,000. Two first-timers could build the same thing for a third of the price, but it would take about four days of labor, plus a couple of hours of an electrician's time to bring power to the pump.


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