Creative small-space gardening

Let's rethink where a garden can grow. Got a wall, roof, or tabletop? Here's how to plant it

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living tabletop

Make your own tabletop garden

Here's how to create a beautiful living centerpiece


Modern hanging baskets

How to make a hanging plant display

Try a few plant pockets for a modern take on the traditional hanging basket


Moss roof garden

How to plant a roof garden

Make your own green rooftop in 3 simple steps


Vertical garden tower

Make a vertical garden tower

No space? No problem. Start planting vertically instead


Driveway garden design

Reinvent your driveway

Landscape new life into your parking area­


Succulent frames

Make your own living art

See how to make your own vertical succulent garden


Garden plant wall

Plant a living wall

Vertical garden: See how to get this look in 3 steps


A reborn parking strip

Gardening in the parkway strip

Turn that space by the curb into a spot of beauty that needs little care



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