Protect plants from frost

Damien Scogin
See how to shelter tender plants with a cardboard box, staked frost cover -- or even a patio chair

Citrus, succulents, and other tender plants require protection when nighttime frost is predicted. To shelter tender plants in garden beds, try one of these methods.

For small plants. Cut out the bottom of a large cardboard box. Tape together the box-top flaps, then cut along three sides of the top so that a hinged lid remains. Set the box over the plant, keeping the lid closed at night and open during the day.

For large plants. Set four stakes ― each several inches taller than the plant itself ― around the plant's perimeter.

Then drape them with a frost cover, burlap, or anold blanket. Don't let the cover come into direct contact with foliage, or it will transfer freezing temperatures to the leaves and damage them. Remove the cover during the day.

No time for stakes and boxes? For a quick alternative, move a patio chair over a smaller plant and drape with your frost cover.

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