Kitchen garden in a pot

Norman A. Plate
Arrange herbs in a container to a striking effect

TIME: 1 hour or less

COST: About $65

You'll need a big pot; the one pictured at left is 14 inches in diameter (top) and 9 inches deep. Fill it slightly more than halfway with rich, fast-draining potting soil. Position the plants, still in their containers, about 4 inches apart on top of soil. When you're satisfied with their placement, knock each from its container and plant. Fill in around plants with potting soil. Feed every two weeks with fish emulsion.

(numeral indicates number of plants)

A. Oregano, 1

B. 'Golden' sage, 1

C. 'Tricolor' sage, 2

D. Chives, 2

E. Lemon thyme, 1E

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