How to plant bulbs

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Plant bulbs in clusters


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Plant bulbs in drifts

Plant daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips for spring bloom.

Where fall temperatures regularly drop below 32°, plant in October and November; in warmer climates, plant into December or January.

Choose a sunny bed with well-draining soil.

For clusters

• Using a trowel, dig holes to a depth roughly 2 to 3 times the bulb’s width and 4 to 8 inches apart, depending on the bulb type (about 4 to 6 inches apart for hyacinths and tulips, 6 to 8 inches for daffodils).

• Set a bulb in each hole, root end down, and fill in around it with soil.

For drifts

• Dig a trench to the depth recommended above.

• Scatter the bulbs, then adjust them so they’re spaced the desired distance apart.

• When the bulbs are in place, fill the trench with soil.

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