Pack an Italian picnic

Kick off your sandals with family and friends, and dig into this make-ahead Italian spread

Amy Machnak

The menu

Sicilian Bruschetta

Antipasti Platter (see next page)

Limoncello Soda

Layered Torta with Ham, Provolone, Spinach, and Herbs

Buttery Semolina Currant Cookies

Packing tips

  • Transport the caponata in a small, sealed container in a picnic basket. Wrap the toasts in a big napkin and put on top of the caponata. Stash the ricotta in a sealed container in a cooler.
  • Freeze the limoncello overnight. If you have room, pack it, the syrup, and club soda in the cooler along with ice and lemon wedges. Otherwise, carry bottles separately and pour over ice at the picnic.
  • For the cookies, use a pretty box with a lid or a vintage tin lined with tissue paper.

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