13 French recipes with Western twists

Want to cook like Julia Child? Get out your whisk! Here are 13 French recipes to master

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Classic Cheese Souffle
Photo by James Carrier

 Classic Cheese Souffle

The soufflé: Look it in the eye. It is the soufflé that separates the cooks from the cooks. It is the soufflé that reveals whether you've got the stuff to whisk your way to culinary respectableness.

To help, here is the precise but easy process that will have you whisking up a perfect soufflé in half an hour.

Let it puff up in the oven, golden and gorgeous, while you nonchalantly sip a glass of wine (Viognier is a particularly good pairing with the dish's eggy soul). Now you know you can make anything.

Recipe: Classic Cheese Soufflé


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