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17 juicy peach recipes

Muddled, grilled, poached, or fresh off the pit, there's more than one way to enjoy summer's fresh peaches

fresh peaches
Photo by Leigh Beisch

Great peach recipes

Step 1: Pick the perfect peach

The best recipes start with the freshest ingredients, and peaches, naturally, are no exception. Stone fruits come into season in summer, so now's the time to nab them at your local farmers' market. Here are our favorite peaches available around the West.

  • Donut peaches: White; small and squat; low acidity
  • Halloween peaches: Yellow; large and full flavored
  • Indian blood cling peaches: Yellow; sweet-tart
  • O’Henry peaches: Yellow; good even underripe
  • Snow beauty v: White; delicate, floral, juicy
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