4 family recipes remade

Readers put a modern twist--with Western flair--on their mothers' favorite old-world dishes

Custardy Oven Pancake with Mixed Berries
Photo by Annabelle Breakey; written by Elaine Johnson

Custardy Oven Pancake with Mixed Berries

The Finnish original: Jayne Bohannon's great-great-grandmother made a poofy pancake called suomalainen pannukakku, like a cross between a Dutch baby and a French clafoutis.

The Rockies remake: Jayne adds a berry swirl and fresh fruit on top. "My great-great-grandmother started a Finnish sauna and spa in Berkeley. Family members gathered there for her wonderful meals, which included this pancake," said Jayne.

Recipe: Custardy Oven Pancake with Mixed Berries


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