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Plant a picture
Art Gray

Plant a picture

Air plants: They’re almost a work of art in themselves. A collection of frames from Santa Monica designer Josh Rosen lets you treat them as such. Mount one or two air plants (tillandsias) into the rust-proof aluminum frame for a minimalist look, or “a bunch to create a dense painting,” he says. Just hang the frame in bright filtered light and dunk in water overnight once a week. AirplantFrame: white, black, or orange; from $90/11 in. by 11 in.; airplantman.com

3 more ways to hang tillandsias

  • Bike wheel. The crisscrossing spokes are perfectly positioned for tillandsias’ hooklike leaves. Hung above a bed, it’s basically the urban gardener’s dream catcher.
  • Cooling rack. The same space that lets air move under fresh-baked cookies is good for tillandsias. “I see the plants glued in shells or shoved into terrariums,” says Rosen. “But they need air circulation.”
  • Branch. Loosely mount tillandsias on branches with fishing wire. If the plants thrive, they’ll actually root themselves around the wood over time.


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