Warm up this holiday season with a steaming glass of this sweet and pungent twist on the classic mulled wine recipe


‘Tis the season for hot drinks that bring sweet holiday cheer.

Mulled wine is a warm yuletide drink that’s essentially Christmas in a glass. Found in a number of Old World cultures, the holiday beverage has had many variations over the centuries: Glühwein in Germany, vin chaud in France, vino caliente in Spain, gløgg in Norway, and many more European countries. Although each culture has its own spin on the drink, it’s generally made with a base of alcohol (most commonly red wine), with festive spices and oftentimes fruity elements, such as orange zest or peel, added for flavoring. For winter months, this is definitely one of our favorite, go-to recipes. A spiced wine goes a long way when you’re trying to keep warm, and it’s definitely a party favorite!

Bring a batch of this blackberry cardamom goodness to all your holiday parties, and we guarantee you’ll win every kind of popularity contest. You’ll be fielding questions like, “How’d you make it?” left and right. The truth is, everyone will want to know the secret to this jammy, drinkable version of a gingerbread cookie. In our modern Western version, take a large pot and use your favorite red wine–Malbec or Zinfandel. Take note: This recipe uses only 5 ingredients, plus an optional one (superfine baking sugar). You’ll only need the sugar if you decide you like your mulled wine sweeter. This minimal list includes the following: wine, vanilla, blackberry jam, a cinnamon stick, and crushed cardamom pods. Super easy, right? If you’re feeling adventurous and experimental, add in some apple cider and star anise, which some mulled wine recipes call for. Spoon it into a mug, and you’re golden. Between your hands, you’ve got a simple yet elegant winter libation that’s the perfect antidote to a long, wintery day.

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