Millennial-Friendly Yes Way Rosé Introduces Its First Bottle

From Insagram to Instacart, the popular brand is expanding to market shelves

Marie Salcido

Pantone may have moved on from the Rose Quartz/Millennial Pink craze, but rosé wine’s popularity hasn’t gone anywhere

The wine that inspired trendy frosé slushies, graphic tees galore (“Rosé All Day”), and day-drinkers everywhere also inspired the Instagram account of Nikki Huganir and Erica Blumenthal. The two friends joined forces in 2013 to photo-chronicle their love of the pink drink, under the catchy name, @YesWayRosé, and 45K+ followers and an entire lifestyle brand ensued.

Countless posts and a collection of rosé-inspired clothing and home products later, they’ve produced their first batch of wine, which launches in Target stores on March 4, for just $12.99 a bottle.

“We like to say it’s a qualité rosé that doesn’t take itself too seriouslé,” explain Huganir and Blumenthal. “We bring a modern look and a sense of humor to our rosé, qualities that don’t always go hand-in-hand with the wine world.”

The French-produced, Provençal-style wine blend promises to be “refreshingly drinkable,” and is picnic-ready with an adorable minimalist-yet-welcoming label.

Would we like a glass? Yes way.