Because everyone needs a sweet treat.

A baking sheet full of the crookie, a hybrid between croissants and chocolate chip cookies.

Kara Peeler

A taste of Paris has taken TikTok by storm, and I’m obsessed. I have a sweet tooth, so I knew I had to jump on the viral crookie trend. No matter how much I scrolled, the treat hybrid was everywhere—a clear sign I needed to make my dessert dreams a reality. 

The crookie fuses the comfort of a chocolate-chip cookie and the flakiness of a croissant with hunks of rich cookie dough baked into the pastry. Soft and chewy meets delicate and buttery, making for the most luxurious of bites. It’s the best of both worlds. And the best part? You can make it at home in less than 20 minutes. 

@londonbruncher Cookie Dough Croissant (aka Le Crookie) – bake at 180C for 12 mins and enjoy! #cookiedough #croissant #lecrookie #crookie ♬ original sound – London Bruncher

Not the best at baking? No problem. This recipe couldn’t be easier. Just grab a pack of your favorite pre-made cookie dough and a tub of croissants, and you’re all set. I opted for mini croissants to make sharing with friends and family easier. 

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After cutting the croissants lengthwise, I added a flat layer of dough inside the croissant and topped off the outside with a bit more dough for good measure. At 350°F, my mini crookies took about 15 minutes in the oven to get golden brown and extra crisp. If your cookie dough isn’t safe to eat raw, check that your batch has cooked all the way through to be safe. (Or, consider ready-to-eat dough). As the scent of chocolatey, buttery sweetness took over my kitchen, I couldn’t help sampling one straight out of the oven. 

Plastic tub of crookies, a hybrid between croissants and cookies

Kara Peeler

The recipe is highly customizable. While I’m a fan of the classic chocolate chip, you can experiment with other flavors of dough—I can only imagine the nutty heavenliness of a peanut butter crookie. Or, add a layer of your favorite spread inside to take the gooey goodness up another notch. Think: Nutella, marshmallow creme, cookie butter. The possibilities are endless, so it’s time to add your own twist to the crookie. 

Everyone loves a good chocolate-chip cookie, and croissants never disappoint, so it’s hard to go wrong here. I can confirm my loved ones were overjoyed to try it with me. We can’t quite visit France right now, but at least we have a Parisian-inspired delicacy to whip up quickly.

Though this is a super-simple recipe or even family-friendly activity, sometimes you want someone else to do the baking. Many bakeries have embraced this TikTok trend and are selling their own version, like Purple Potato’s donut-shaped crookie in Las Vegas, Got The Goods Los Angeles’ thick and decadent rendition, or Le Parfait Paris’ two-pound creation at locations in San Diego and Anaheim. Talk about a sugar overload. 

Whether you test the recipe the easy way, go all-out and make it all from scratch, or pop into the trendiest bakeries, you won’t be disappointed. The crookie is viral for a reason—it’ll surely sweeten your day.