Use the fresh ingredients from your garden or farmers market to toss together a new salad.

11 Salad Recipes That Put the Taste of Spring Right onto Your Plate
Thomas J. Story

I used to think that salads were boring and flavorless. They left me hungry just 30 minutes after finishing my plate.

Maybe it was because I’d toss together two types of lettuce and call it a salad. This was hardly enjoyable; no wonder I claimed a hatred for the dish. As the years have gone by, I’ve realized that salad doesn’t have to be tasteless, and it is one of the best ways to incorporate all your fresh fruits and vegetables in a delicious and healthy way.

Use ingredients from your own garden or the farmers market to toss together an amazing springtime salad for a nice lunch, to bring as an appetizer to a get-together, or to make for your family as the main course at dinner. To get you started, we rounded up a few of our favorite salad recipes.

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Asparagus, artichoke, fava beans, and potatoes are all among the wide variety of foods featured in these salads. All have their own unique flavors, but combined correctly, they can truly only enhance one another. We’re mixing sweet with savory, strawberries with cheese, and peas and potatoes. Delicious, light, airy and fresh, these recipes put the true taste of spring right onto your plate.

Citrus is still lingering in spring, so we’ll use it in a wide variety of ways, from garnishes, dressings, marinades and more! Other seasonal ingredients include beets, spring peas, asparagus, arugula, dandelion greens, kumquats, radishes, and strawberries.

Pair these salads with any meat or tofu to make it a meal or keep them as they are. Either way, we’ve got the salad for you. At your next backyard potluck, sign yourself up to bring the salad, because you will blow everyone else out of the water with these recipes.

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