From chocolate-covered figs to homemade kimchi, these dishes will get you in the mood for fall.

figs and chocolate sea salt
Annabelle Breakey

September is a bit of a funny month in terms of produce and seasonality as the first half will deliver the final offerings of summer while the second starts to feel more like fall. With sweet potatoes, beets, and pomegranates making their way onto farmers market stands, we are also still seeing tomatoes and corn on display. 

Take the last of those tomatoes and make enough sauce to last you through the winter, throw the final cobs of corn on to the grill, and remember September is still technically summer until the equinox on the 22nd! While you’re canning tomato sauce, take advantage of cabbages and green beans coming into season and try your hand at a homemade kimchi or pickled beans—because nothing says fall like a pantry stocked with jars and preserves. 

As we start to see figs ripen on our trees and in markets, you can pop them into your mouth as is or transform them into a sweet roasted topping or as an accompaniment to a chicken bake entree. While radicchio may look like a cabbage, it’s actually a member of the Asteraceae or daisy family and is more closely a relative of the Belgian endive. The bitter flavor of radicchio can be balanced by adding it to a salad with goat cheese or garnished with dates. My favorite way to prepare them is to quarter them lengthwise, drizzle them with a little oil and honey, and sear them in a hot pan. Bonus points that they’re sturdy enough to hold shape if thrown on the grill. 

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Think out of the box this month and serve brunch with a side of cabbage gratin and green bean fries. Opt to set the table up to dine outside before it gets too chilly to do so! However, wherever, and whenever you choose to whip up a meal this month, make it special with our favorite recipes and ingredients to cook with in September.

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