They’re total kitchen staples now.

The 10 Recipes Sunset Readers Made Over and Over Again in 2022
Thomas J. Story

Well, here we are—at the end of 2022. You might be asking, “Where did the time go?” And to that I say, “Same.” But for a lot of you, I’ll take a guess and say that some of that time spent was in the kitchen, trying out new recipes and impressing guests with old favorites. There were a lot of cooking adventures to be had this year—whether you discovered the joys of air fryer cooking, made a viral board (cheese, butter, tinned fish), or tried any TikTok trends (cloud bread or baked oats, anyone?).

As we look back at this year, we also took stock of the recipes that were a hit with Sunset readers. In 2022, you gravitated towards comfort foods (chicken adobo and a hearty vegan stew) and enjoyed plenty of sweets (churro cheesecake! Dutch oven cinnamon rolls!). Plus, you also tried your hand at making homemade pizza dough and a new way to do pie.

Take a look at the top 10 recipes of 2022 below.

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