Mangoes are having a moment on social media. We have the best tips for prepping and cutting mangoes to enjoy this season.

Mango Slices
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Summer is *finally* here, which means it’s also mango’s time to shine. Peak mango season is generally from May through September, and the stone fruit recently received extra attention thanks to Pinterest. In their latest trends report, Pinterest shared that several popular search terms were recipes with mango as the star ingredient.

The most popular mango-related dish was a mango float, which saw a whopping 3700% increase in Pinterest searches. Also known as a Mango Royale, it’s a Filipino dessert that’s similar to the classic American icebox cake. You can review Filipino American pastry chef Isa Fabro’s layered cake recipe here.

Mango Royale
Mango royale

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Puddings with mango were other popular search terms, with “mango sago” (a coconut tapioca pudding) and “mango chia seed pudding” mentioned in the report. “Mango jelly” and “mango crepe” rounded out Pinterest’s list.

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Before you start tossing mangoes in your grocery cart, there are a few basic steps required to properly cut one. In a viral TikTok, Chef Kelly Scott of @kellyscleankitchen broke down the sometimes-daunting process:

  1. Cut a bit off of the top and bottom of the mango. 
  2. Place the bottom side down and start peeling the mango with a knife or peeler by following the curve of the fruit.  
  3. Flip it over and look at the bottom of the fruit, where you’ll see the base of the pit. 
  4. Start slicing as close to the pit as you can. “The pit is a flat oval shape, so it’s very small, almost like [a] half-inch pit,” the chef says in the video. “I try to get as close as possible to get as much mango off of it.”

After following Scott’s explanation, you can enjoy the mango slices as-is or cut them into cubes to eat as a standalone snack, throw in a smoothie, or use them as a topping for your Pinterest-inspired bowl of mango chia seed pudding.