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Break the cycle of constant cooking and cleaning with these dishes, all of which make a multi-meal batch of food and only dirty one pot

Nicole Clausing  – April 6, 2020

Are you sick of doing dishes? I’m sick of doing dishes. Like most of you, I haven’t eaten a meal outside my own home since mid-March, and the tedium of scrubbing pots and pans up to three times a day is getting to me.

I’ve found a few strategies to help me cope.  One is that I have jettisoned the idea of a hot breakfast every morning. A few weeks ago, I had the romantic notion that I could use what had been my commute time to make myself a leisurly, fortifying breakfast. But when I realized that the time I had gained had actually been claimed by much-lengthened grocery store visits and an extra daily round of skillet-scrubbing, I fell into a more sustainable regime of parfaits and cold cereal.

More constructive (and more nutritious) has been an increased reliance on one-pot meals. Finding ways of minimizing time spent at the sink has given me more time in my day and helped me keep alive my joy of cooking—important in a time like this when I am doing a lot of it. Here are a few favorite one-pot recipes. They’re not all quick to make, but they certainly are easy to clean up after.

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