Sit back, relax, and sip.

Social media ASMR (that tingly feeling you get from watching or hearing something satisfying) comes to me in many forms; sometimes it’s watching eclairs get dipped in chocolate on Tastemade France’s Instagram feed, or calm app ads of sand being raked, whatever it is, I am grateful for any and all moments that encourage me to take a deep breath these days. This week, my social media solace has come in the form of watching coffee and tea-based drinks carefully being poured over perfect cubes of ice into vintage glasses.

As far as my research shows, these videos draw inspiration from traditional Japanese milk tea-style drinks you might find at your favorite boba shop. With pourable sweet cream, strawberry milk, and shaped ice cubes being added to glassware that perfectly reflects the sunlight, delicious drinks are formed and a deep breath is taken as a long spoon combines the layers of liquids within the glass, sounds relaxing, right? If you’ve never seen one of these videos and are on the edge of your seat waiting for an example of what it is I’m even talking about, don’t worry! I’ve made three drinks Inspired by the Instagram craze so you can feel the joy of watching matcha mix with milk for yourself.