Soups and stews, tortilla classics, salsas and sauces
Flavors of the Southwest
David Prince

In our fantasy life, the maid does the shopping, Alice Waters cooks dinner, and the royalties from our workout video cover the mortgage. In reality, life is a little different: We want to eat well, but we have little time. And if we don’t cook, no one does. Which brings us to our second annual Quick, Light & Healthy special section.

These recipes come from Sunset readers who know how to keep the fun in cooking while making delicious food achievable. Use ingredients that are readily available, and not too many of them, they say. Keep it simple. And if you’re looking for a healthful, low-fat meal with a lot of punch, try the vivid flavors of the Southwest.

No recipe derives more than 30 percent of its calories from fat, and nearly all of the recipes can be made in 30 minutes or less. (To measure time, we started the clock once the ingredients and equipment were assembled.)

We’ve added easy menu suggestions to ensure a carefree, healthful new year ― until Alice and the royalty checks show up.



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