Make your roast one day; use it for easy leftovers the next

We’ve borrowed the deep-South tradition of pulled pork sandwiches and pointed it in the direction of the Caribbean by using classic Jamaican seasonings: thyme, allspice, and garlic.

These sandwiches are great for weeknight dinners or for picnics: just pack the filling and the buns separately and put them together once you’ve reached the park or the beach.

You can’t go wrong with potato salad and/or a bright-flavored avocado salad as a side dish (check out our choices from the recipes listed at left). 

Maybe it’s because Cuba isn’t that far from Jamaica, but somehow, a cool Cuban mojito tastes as good with this warm, spicy pork as does a frosty beer.


Sides for your sandwiches

Garlic Smashed-Potato Salad

Lemon-Mustard Potato Salad

Seed-spiced Potato Salad

Papaya and Avocado Salad with Sour Orange Dressing

Salad with Sour Orange Dressing






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