Fresh peas and quality bouillon team up for a winning soup

Perhaps you have more willpower than I do, but when I’m shelling fresh peas, a fair number tend to disappear as a snack ― especially when I perform this peaceful chore with a friend (and a glass or two of dry Sauvignon Blanc). If I end up with enough peas, I put them in this delicate fresh soup. Or sometimes, to avoid temptation, I use frozen petite peas. For the chicken broth foundation, I’ve discovered a convenient concentrated form in Better Than Bouillon, a moist paste that is less salty than comparable products. The broth base also comes in other flavors, including beef, vegetable, ham, and lobster; an 8-ounce jar costs about $4. All keep up to one year in the refrigerator after opening. Although widely distributed, Better Than Bouillon isn’t available in all markets. Call (800) 300-4210 or go to to find a source in your area.


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