Add summer flavor to a variety of recipes

If it’s possible to get tired of corn on the cob, August is the month when it would happen. If you’ve had a few too many of the ears, try using the tender, sweet, fresh kernels off the cob. They’re delicious in pastas, soups, and salads. Cleaning fresh corn and separating the kernels from the cob is easy. Here’s how.

  • Pull husks and silks off ears of corn; discard husks and rinse ears.
  • Hold each ear of corn upright over a deep bowl. With a small, sharp knife, cut off kernels close to the cob, working in long strokes and rotating ear to cut all the kernels. Each ear of corn (10 to 14 oz.) will yield about 1 cup of corn kernels.
  • If making a soup or a sauce, extract the milky juice from the bits of kernels left on the cob by scraping the cob with the dull side of a knife.
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