Classic drinks like mojitos, martinis, and margaritas make great flavorings for meat and seafood. Try one this weekend
Mojito Shrimp and more
Thomas J. Story


Cocktail: Mojito

Meal: Mojito Shrimp
These sweet, juicy shrimp taste of fragrant mint and lime, their aromas amplified by rum.

Marinade: Mojito Marinade


Cocktail: Margarita

Meal: Margarita Chicken Wings
Tangy, a little salty, and not too sweet.

Marinade: Margarita Marinade


Cocktail: Martini

Meal: Martini Mahimahi
Meaty mahimahi stands up to olives’ boldness.

Marinade: Martini Marinade


Cocktail: Bloody Mary

Meal: Bloody Mary Flank Steak with Grilled Onions
We combined some of the classic accompaniments to a good steak ― Worcestershire, horseradish, tomatoes, onions ― for this zesty meal.

Marinade: Bloody Mary Marinade

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