From Coastal Kitchen ― Seattle, Wash.
Cinnamon-Hazelnut Pancakes
James Carrier
Nuts, spices, and a touch of whole wheat start the morning right.

Coastal Kitchen knows where to draw the line at too much of a good thing. The regional lunch and dinner menus at this Capitol Hill cafe change often, shifting from foods of Gascony one quarter to Indian or Patagonian cuisine the next, and the eclectic art on the walls changes as often as the menu. But happily the pancakes remain untouched – cinnamon-hazelnut, buttermilk, fruit-of-the-day, and corn pancakes every day, with the occasional regional specialty. All come with real maple syrup; add a side of ham or sausage – the best you’ll ever eat.


Coastal Kitchen, 429 15th Ave. E; (206) 322-1145.

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