A favorite of gardeners, this blueberry is self-fruitful

Among the many blueberries grown in the Northwest, ‘Berkeley’ remains a favorite of home gardeners, bearing large fruit in July. The berries are good fresh, frozen, and in preserves or pies.

A highbush type, ‘Berkeley’ grows 5 to 6 feet tall and wide. It is self-fruitful but will produce a better crop if at least one other variety (such as ‘Blueray’ or ‘Toro’) is planted nearby. Hardy in Sunset climate zones 2–9 and 14–17, ‘Berkeley’ does best in full sun and prefers acidic soil with good drainage.

Set out plants in autumn in mild climates, spring in cold-winter areas. At planting time, mix 50 percent peat moss into the backfill soil. Look for plants at nurseries, or order from Big Dipper Farm (www.bigdipperfarm.com 360/886-8133).