“Rosé all day” goes way beyond wine

National Rosé Day Is Here! Get in on the Festivities

We’re so into rosé these days, it’s earned its own holiday. National Rosé Day arrives this weekend, a tribute to the crisp pink wine instilling summery vibes in millennials and seasoned wine-drinkers everywhere.

Like any other holiday, there’s no shortage of ways to celebrate—buy it in cans and host a rosé-inspired picnic, order a frosé slushie at your favorite rooftop bar, or introduce a glass into your otherwise unremarkable weekend to-do list (rosé-fueled house cleaning, perhaps?).

Alternatively, you can go for a big-league fête, like Rosé Day L.A. For Southern Californians looking to ring in June 9 with the most pomp and circumstance, this daylong festival is the ticket. Set on Malibu’s Saddlerock Ranch, a sunny haven of vine-covered hillsides and the home of Malibu Family Wines, the event will meld rosé culture with the realms of food, art, music, and fashion.

Expect celebrity DJs, installations from non-profit The Art of Elysium, and a killer lineup of gourmet food trucks, featuring signature dishes from Iron Chef alum Marc Forgione. Of course, it wouldn’t be Rosé Day without the headliners, with pours aplenty from B.B. Rose’s Cote de Provence rosé wine and Moët & Chandon’s bubbly rosé varietals from 12:30—8pm. You can check out the full lineup and purchase tickets online.

If a jaunt to Malibu isn’t in the cards for you this weekend, throw your own rosé day celebration, with some of our favorite pairings. Happy sipping!