For the past week or so, ever since the final submissions came in from all of our ten splendid One-Block Party Contest finalists, we've been agonizing over the decision. We loved the menu from Team A; we were awed by the dedication and creativity of Team B; Team C had a natural green thumb, and so on. It was very, very difficult to choose, in other words. But in the end, for their steep learning curve, their courage in plunging ahead despite lack of knowledge, their cameraderie, their devotion to their kids' learning about where food comes from, and for the way in which they transformed their entire neighborhood in Morro Bay, we have chosen Team Beach Tractors. CONGRATULATIONS!

I'll say more about the victors tomorrow. In the meantime, thanks to all the wonderful finalists who traveled to Savor the Central Coast, our food and wine event near San Luis Obispo, to be part of this announcement—which in truth was a celebration of all the teams, too. And to those who couldn't make it—Team Organic Donors, Team Gray Sky Growers, and Team Special Saus, know that when your names came around, you were applauded in absentia.

Hooray to the Beach Tractors! And to their very worthy runners-up. You have all inspired us this entire summer.





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