A CSA (community supported agriculture) subscription is the safest, most delicious, and inspiring way to shop (and cook) during lockdown. Here’s why you should sign up for one now.

You’ll Follow the Seasons
Hugh Garvey

I didn’t used to like CSA farm boxes: too many turnips, beets, and chard in heavy rotation. Not enough choice. What if I didn’t want to cook bok choy three weeks in a row? What a difference over a month in quarantine makes. The weekly box I get from County Line Harvest, which has farms in Petaluma and Thermal, California, has become my adult version of a box of Cracker Jack, a vessel of deliciousness, ripe with surprise and wonder. Kale is my caramel corn. Persian carrots my prize inside. 

If you’re not familiar with CSAs, the basic model is this: You sign up for a weekly subscription, the farm or producer provides you with a regular supply of whatever they specialize in (local fish, pork and beef, chicken and eggs). But the weekly produce box is by far the most popular option out there and has kept my family well fed, happy, and healthy in recent weeks. For around about $40 we receive some 10 pounds of the freshest produce I’ve ever eaten in my life. If you have a favorite farmer’s market vendor, look them up online and see if they offer weekly boxes. Or visit localharvest.org to search for CSAs near you. For inspiration here are my 9 reasons you should sign up for one now. 

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