This environmentally friendly non-stick pan, which cooks just about anything, may be the greatest kitchen tool you never knew you needed

A Life-Changing Ceramic Pan

Courtesy of Greenpan

I lived without a good non-stick pan in my arsenal of skillets for many years, making do with a tiny little hand-me-down that was used almost exclusively for scrambling eggs. I figured, I’ve got a great seasoned cast iron, and the skills to navigate a screaming hot sauté pan slicked with oil to prevent sticking, so why add one more thing to my overcrowded kitchen cabinets? However, I recently acquired a pan that has now become my go-to, ride-or-die pan, one that expertly scrambles eggs, sears a steak, crisps salmon skin, or sautés vegetables with beautiful ease, and no sticking whatsoever: It’s the GreenPan Venice Pro 12” Skillet and I love it so, so much.

This pan, unlike assistant editor Maya’s excellent IKEA kitchen picks under $20, is not cheap. But, at $90 it’s picking up some major slack in my kitchen. Most importantly, as its name implies, the GreenPan is, well, green. It’s made without the scary toxic stuff that’s found in most pans, and is safe in the oven (and under a broiler) up to 600 degrees. It’s got a natural ceramic coating—free of PFAS, PFOA, lead, or cadmium—that even withstands the use of metal utensils. (Still, just use rubber or wooden please, no one likes the sound of a fork on a nonstick pan). This pan and I are in it for the long haul.

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