What happens when you set a four-year-old and a five-year-old loose decorating their own chocolate Easter eggs? Bea and her friend Margaret just about burst with excitement when they heard the words “art” and “candy” in the same sentence. We knew they’d be great testers for the Kollar Coloring Kit made by the Napa Valley artisanal chocolate company Kollar Chocolates. Each kit contains 3 high-quality dark chocolate eggs, a paint brush, and 6 colored cocoa butters.

Photos by Maili Holliman

The girls’ families heated the cocoa butter pots in a pan of warm water just until paintable (you can also use a microwave). They also grabbed some extra brushes so the girls could have at it with all the colors at once. And they set out a cup of hot water for rinsing brushes.



The hardest part? Waiting for the first side to dry so they could paint the second. The experts’ advice: Just go run around the house really fast.




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