A clever technique simplifies dessert-making

Back in June 1956, the closest you could come in this country to France’s crème fraîche was a firm, whipped mixture of cream cheese and sweet cream that we introduced as the filling for an incredibly popular recipe called French Cherry Pie.

Recently, however, I discovered a way to smooth out what was an admittedly lumpy part of the process – folding the soft whipped cream into the firmer beaten cream cheese: You add the cream as you beat the cheese to soften it; the two whip up together, producing smoother, fluffier results.

Simplified, the French Cream is a classic – and particularly good with blueberries. I spoon it into bowls and top it with fresh Blueberry Pudding or reverse the process and spoon the cream over the fruit.

Blueberry Pudding with French Cream

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