Seasonings with lids that grind

Of late, a number of spice companies have been covering theirjars with lids that grind. You twist as you dispense the contents,grinding the herbs and spices to release the freshest flavor. As alongtime advocate of fresh grinding, I view this as a step forwardin good taste. And the concept is spreading. On a recent whirlwindtour of spice production around the world, hosted by Spice Islands,I even came across jars of black peppercorns topped with grindinglids in India. Closer to home, several companies are packagingspices, herbs, and salts this way; many offer blends, and some havecitrus zests or flowers. They include Melissa’s My Grinder(800/588-0151 or for sources)and the Elements of Spice (800/451-7647 or may pay a small premium for the grinder, but it will usuallylast long enough for you to refill the jar several times.

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