The current report from the seriously into-it families of Team Beach Tractors, from Morro Bay, CA. Behold a few glimpses of the amazing stuff they're doing.  To see the project in its full unfolding glory, visit the team's very fun brand-new blog. 

(Photos courtesy Abby Diodati.)


A Rooftop Garden


Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Laying out the soil.


It will be really neat to see how this turns out!


A New Kind of Beer Garden


Grass to Beer (we hope). The crab grass was pretty nasty,
overtaking the sidewalks and growing into the street. The neighborhood
kids were more than happy to help tear out the grass.


We figured out after an hour or so that it was easier to cut the grass out in a grid format.


Even the Lego men came over to help & inspect.



The dirt under the grass is beautiful!


Yes, this looks horrible. But after watching the birds eat our wheat seed [over at Dave Muff's garden],
we knew we had to take drastic measures to ensure everyone will have a beer at the party.
The seeds are safe, since the birds really don't know what to make of this. On 5/14 we planted
hops, barley and sugar beets.


The Kid's Garden

The older children give a lesson in how to plant a transplant a veggie.


The older kids were also given the job of breaking oyster shells so we could add it to the soil.


A Bit of Mad Science

(photos courtesy Dave Burton)

A part of a Mad Science test to grow peppers in Morro Bay (which typically is impossible with our cool nights), these three starts will individually be planted outside, inside under a lamp, and in a cold frame.  Let the growing begin.


Hide the neighborhood pets!  Dave Burton is either
building a space satellite or testing the heat retention
of mylar over a bell pepper.  Your guess is as good as ours!


This is the type of photo you would see in
High Times, not Sunset Magazine. Luckily for everyone,
Dave has peppers, broccoli and tomatoes
growing in his garage for his light experiment.


And Even...An Oyster Bed

[And...a video of team members John, Josh, and Lee, planting a few hundred little seed oysters under the guidance of Neal Maloney, founder of Morro Bay Oyster Company. Yes, that's right—with any luck, the Beach Tractors will have oysters at their summer party.]


John and Josh, on the standup paddleboards they'll be using
to tend their oyster bed over the summer.





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