Whether you’re off on an expedition or just being blissfully lazy at home, these out-of-the-box treats are a ready-made feast.

Peckish Eggs
Thomas J. Story

Pre-Cooked Eggs (above)

You’d never know these jammy eggs topped with crispy quinoa came from a box. But this on-the-go snack  delivers quality food in a pinch. Perfectly pre-cooked free-range eggs from Peckish (from $3.99/2-egg pack) are paired with punchy seasonings like Everything Bagel, Salt & Pepitas, and Chili-Lime Rancheros.

Premade Pizza

Budding Bay Area pizzaiolos can use Vicolo Pizza’s cornmeal crust pizza (pictured, $8.99) as a blank slate. Cappello’s sheep’s-milk cheese on gluten-free crust ($14) will convert store-bought pizza naysayers nationwide

Thomas J. Story

Bottled Cocktails

Bring the prebatched cocktail trend home with Fluid Dynamics’ version of the Sazerac ($20)  that blends Germain-Robin brandy, Low Gap whiskey, and Germain-Robin absinthe. Add whatever bitters you like and drink up.

Thomas J. Story

Craft Tortillas

Austin-based Siete Foods  produces a line of soft grain-free tortillas ($8.99) including almond flour, cassava, and chickpea that won’t have you missing corn and wheat.

Thomas J. Story

Pancake Mix

While people who make homemade batter swear they’ll never go back to store-bought mix, Old School Mill challenges them with a minimalist mix of flours ($5.99) that yields the fluffy old-fashioned buttermilk pancakes we all crave.

Thomas J. Story
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