I have to admit, I was disappointed when we realized there wasn’t going to be a morel harvest this year. But since then, I’ve decided there’s an even bigger benefit to growing morels than getting to eat them.

The real benefit is the excuse to take five minutes once or twice a week to hang in the garden. It’s magical to walk the same path and check on the progress of all the plants.Here’s some alstromeria that’s flowering today.

I also passed the little redwood grove in honor of Mel and Bill Lane, who owned Sunset for many years. Bill passed away recently. They were great guys.

And here’s what our patch looks like this week. We still have no idea what those weeds are. Is our mycelium growing this well underground?

I’ll be back again soon to check. And if anybody’s looking for me, just tell them I’m out watering the morels.

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