Photograph courtesy of Chronicle Books

You know you're not reading your mama's cookbook when it opens with this: "Hey, bitches, thanks for buying our ice cream book."

But that's part of the Humphry Slocombe ice cream allure: it's kinda naughty. Take their signature Secret Breakfast – a mashup of bourbon, cream and cornflake cookies – which was, I'm gambling, one of the first times ice cream dipped into a subculture of its own.

Sure, artisan ice cream had spiked already in the West, but much of it was focused on making sure we all knew the name of the Jersey cows and that the lemon verbena came from within 2 miles of the storefront. HS's Secret Breakfast ice cream, on the other hand, opened a whole new door to irreverent, yet sophisticated, flavors (for me, it's like a taste of childhood and those boozy college nights at the same time.)

And now that Jake Godby and Sean Vahey of HS have penned their Ice Cream Book, I can skip the lines and dig into the story behind the cream (it seems to revolve around cocktails, pop culture references, and an aversion to anything mainstream.)

And, hey, if you don't like the ice cream, they'll eat a bug - or so they claim in the cookbook.



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