Mandy Ferreira

After two workouts yesterday (a quick cardio session with a few of the other editors and a brutal CrossFit class), I could hear the cupcakes in the freezer calling my name. I worked hard, I deserved those cupcakes.Sugar is my thing. It’s the one indulgence I allow myself. I don’t drink, I don’t eat meat, I eat very little gluten or dairy, I am not addicted to caffeine – I had nothing else to give up for this challenge.

So why on Earth would I give it up?

The sweet stuff is stashed everywhere (both in packaged foods and my home). In light of the American Heart Association’s recommendation that women consume no more than 33 grams of added sugar a day (about six teaspoons), I’m doing my best to get back in line. Sugar has been linked with inflammation, decreased immunity, weight gain, and insulin resistance. On top of all of that, childhood obesity expert, Robert Lustig, makes a compelling case that sugar is a “toxin” or “poison.” It’s time I ween my way off it.

Part of my plan was to stay busy last night to keep me from obsessing about not eating sugar. While making a simple dinner (spinach, scrambled eggs, avocado, and some beans) I cooked some steel-cut oatmeal to get me through the next few mornings. Once it was done I added some unsweetened dried fruit and chia seeds before popping it into the fridge.

After finishing up my oatmeal and a cup of green tea this morning, I was feeling mighty pleased with myself for making it a full 24 hours without cheating on the challenge. As a reward I treated myself to a massively sweaty, wonderfully relaxing yoga class on my lunch break today.

But as I write this I can look out my window into the test kitchen and see three stunning pies sitting on the table, waiting. I feel like a little kid looking at a huge cake and being told I can't have any of it. Instead of devouring it, I will sit here basking in my self pity empowerment while I snack on apples and dried apricots.

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