Joanna Linberg

Who: Joanna Linberg, home editor

I’m giving up: Alcohol, red meat, refined and natural sugars, caffeine

My biggest challenge today: Well, 30 minutes ago, the pie that wasn't eaten two days ago was put out again for seconds. And then the Test Kitchen upped the ante with a plate full of peppermint fudge. In two hours, I'm heading to a friend's house tonight and she's serving something sweet. Is there no reprieve?

My biggest temptation to cheat: Please see above mention of pie, fudge, and an upcoming but unknown dessert. Then tweet me @joannalinberg to say, "Girl, no."

Coping mechanisms: Keep busy. Today I barely had time to finish my lunch (by 4 p.m.), so I didn't give sugar a second thought--until the pies came out.

I feel: Philosophical. Food brings life. In its purest form, the food we eat fills our bodies with nutrients. In a world where we're learning so much of our food is stripped of nutrients, that becomes a precious mission. Meal after meal filled with butternut squash, fresh eggs, and kale is making me grateful for the nutrients my food contains and happy I can give my body this gift. This challenge has also made me thankful for the plenty on my plate and the luxury of having so much food that I can label some as "excess." And finally, "life" is more than just biological. There's a pleasure and small thrill that comes from a glass of red wine and a favorite book or a brownie shared with a friend. Not having those moments this week makes them all the more life-giving come Saturday. (And they will come Saturday.)

How about you? Has your perspective on what and how you eat changed at all in the last week?

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