Sunset Eat Fresh, Day 1: Whining about no wine
Tonight's dinner
(Photo: Annabelle Breakey; Styling: Robyn Valarik)

Tonight’s dinner
(Photo: Annabelle Breakey; Styling: Robyn Valarik)

Who: Andrea Minarcek, Senior Travel Editor

I’m giving up: Booze, red meat, and sugar, which I’m interpreting as refined carbs, as well as straight-up sweet treats. So fare thee well, pasta, au revoir, sourdough, and adios, my doughnut pal, you a.m. temptress, you—at least until next week.

I chose this because: I’m a masochist? Nah, truth is, I’m a completist by nature—a true type-A lover of list making and rule following—and I have a proven addiction to Grand Plans (why just jog when there are marathons to be run?). I would’ve gone all in and kicked coffee, too, but that just seemed cruel, to me and to all those who’d happen to cross my grumpy, decaffeinated path.

My biggest challenge: Resisting all the delicious samples from Sunset’s Test Kitchen will be tough.  (The following email, for instance, popped up in my inbox just as I was writing this: “We have oodles and oodles of freshly cooked noodles in the kitchen for you—please help yourselves.” Oh, the allure of forbidden carbs!) My lovely food department colleagues, though, will likely prove my saviors this week as I plan on relying heavily on Sunset’s arsenal of tasty, healthy, seasonal recipes. (First up for tonight: Cali-style bibimbap.)

My biggest temptation to cheat: It’s easy to be an A+-student during the day, at work, surrounded by colleagues who are suffering alongside me. But who would be the wiser if I snuck in a nibble of cookie or a sip of Chardonnay back at home? Well, I would, of course, and…

Coping mechanisms: …I’ve blabbed about this Challenge to anyone who will listen, and a few brave souls have volunteered to help keep me on track with daily check-ins. There’s nothing like putting it out there on public record to guilt-trip/shame yourself into actually doing it.

Today I feel: Optimistic. It’s only 5 days, right? Let the cleansing begin!

Throw some encouragement—and good, healthy recipe ideas!—my way on Twitter @minarcek and #SunsetEatFresh.

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